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Sizes: VS | S | M | L


Sizes: VS | S | M | L

TG Collets

Sizes: VS | S | M | L


Sizes: VS | S | M | L

Boring Bars

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Short Stub Arbors

Sizes: VS | S | M | L



Special Quick Change

Quick Change

Special Master Holders

PDQ makes many special master holders. Use a special PDQ holder in your machine with a non-standard spindle taper. This allows the use of standard off the shelf adapters and eliminates the need for costly special tool holders. Add quick tool changing to your high production machinery by using special PDQ master holders. Have a machine with a worn and oversize spindle taper? PDQ can make a special master holder with an oversized standard taper to save that machine.

Quick Change

Special Adapters

Special PDQ adapters can be made to satisfy almost any tool holding requirement. We can make extended adapters to get into a deep pocket, or special shortened adapters for areas where space is at a premium. PDQ can make adapters with cavities or pilots that are different than our standard sizes, metrics, for example. Special adapters can be made to hold modular boring systems. Although PDQ quick change tooling is primarily used in milling applications, we have users in turning applications as well. If you don’t see it in this catalog, just ask. PDQ can make adapters to hold all sorts of shank tools such as stub morse tapers, twist lock and many others.

Why Quick Change?

Changing tools on a machine tool is often a long and difficult procedure. First the machinist must uncouple the tool holder. This usually involves either a drawbolt or keeper key. Then he must dislodge the tool holder, which usually involves a hammer. The machinist must next remove the tool holder and replace it with the next tool and recouple it. This procedure can easily take five minutes, or more. Because changing tools can be a hassle there are quite often times that an improper or inappropriate tool is used.

With a quick change tooling system the time required to change tools can be reduced to seconds. Typically a locking nut or collar is loosened, the tool adapter is removed and replaced with another tool adapter, and the nut is retightened. Use of a quick change tooling system will drastically increase efficiency by reducing the time to change tools, as well as make it easy to use the proper tool for the job. A 30% increase in productivity is not an uncommon occurrence. The use of a quick change tooling system has some, not insignificant, side benefits.

The machinist no longer has to pound on the spindle to dislodge the tool. By not having to beat on the spindle with a hammer, the life and accuracy of the spindle bearings is greatly increased. In most quick change tooling systems a master holder is inserted into the machine spindle, and is not removed. All tool changes involve removing and inserting adapters into the master holder. This eliminates wear on the machine tool spindle due to tool changes.

Why PDQ?

PDQ Tool Holders are made of premium alloy steel and through hardened for even more strength and rigidity. Many others are case hardened with a soft interior.

PDQ Tooling Systems require less room for a tool change than  other systems, as little as a 1/2″ This results in less wasted movement to get the work our of the way thus saving even more time.

PDQ Quick Change Tools Sizes

PDQ Tooling | 4 Shank Sizes

VS | S | M | L

PDQ Quick Change Tools come in 4 different shank sizes, VS, S, M and L. This allows matching the size of the tooling system to the size and power of the
machine tool.

Series Sizes Shank Diagrams

Front View

Side View

PDQ Quick Change Tooling comes in 4 different shank sizes, from “VS” to “L”. This allows sizing the tooling to the machine, from small knee mills to very large horizontals.

When ordering tooling select holders and adapters from the same color groups to
insure compatibility.