PDQ Marlin MFG | Quick Change Tooling helps alleviate the long and difficult procedure of changing tools on a machine tool. No more Hammer! With  the Quick Change Tooling system the time required to change tools can be reduced to seconds. Use of a Quick Change Tooling will drastically increase efficiency by reducing to the time to change tools, as well as making it easier to use the proper tool for the job. A 30% increase is not uncommon.


PDQ Marlin MFG offers a wide variety of services to help you solve whatever problem you may be facing. We understand how important proper running, pre-load, and lubrication are to the long term performance of your Angle Head and Live Tooling. No cast aluminum housings here. We also offer Custom Tooling for Master Holders, and Special Holders. We custom build tool holders for any application.  We have been designing, manufacturing, and servicing tooling for almost a half of a century, we have the resources to handle your needs.

Live Tooling

Designed for turning-centers with the capability of any orientation and angle.

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Custom Work Holding

For any process of fixturing design and manufacturing.

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Angle Heads

Our heads are built to last as well as designed for use in automatic tool changers.

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Rebuild & Repairs Services

Our rebuilds and repairs are completed locally allowing for high quality and quick turnaround.

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Custom Built Tool Holders

When you cannot find a standard tool holder to do the job, let PDQ Marlin MFG design and build the tool holder you need.

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Our customers rely on our 3 generations of experience to design custom tooling
and work holding.




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