Custom & Standard Right Angle Heads

PDQ manufactures angle heads of all styles & configurations . These heads are designed to go through the toolchangers of most machining centers, allowing all of the advantages of CNC. Angle heads permit parts to be machined in less setups, and with greater accuracy than with conventional machining practices. Our standard heads come in many styles and configurations including tapping with tension & compression. We can make a head at any angle and spindle type. Milling, drilling, broaching, deburring, and slotting. All types of cutter interfaces: Shell mill, all types of collet, or disc arbor. No cheap, poor quality gears. Our gears are ground in house. We manufacture our angle head instead of purchasing and renaming.

We can design & build a custom head to meet your exact needs. These custom heads can have multiple output spindles, coolant thru the spindle, at any fixed angle or even be adjustable.